God tends to use these life stories in two ways. First of all, by sharing how God is working in your life, you can inspire others to draw closer to the Lord.

God also uses the act of preparing your Christian testimony to help you to reflect on what He has done for you. God usually uses it to point you to areas of your life that you need to work on.

Many times we find that we are carrying burdens from the past that God wants us to lay at the feet of Jesus. This is a valuable tool that God places on the table to assist you in growing in your faith.

Most people are intimidated by the thought of giving a testimony. We are told, in the Bible, to be prepared to give an answer as to the reason for our hope. We are also given examples of how it is done. One of those examples is in the book of John chapter 9. This is a story of a man that was born blind. Jesus healed him on the Sabbath and the Pharisees investigated the "crime".

We see that the blind man gave them a simple answer. He didn't get into an argument over religious doctrine. He merely gave them a three part answer.

Those three parts are: (1) how he was (2) how he is (3) how he was changed. He simply stated that he was born blind, Jesus healed him, and now he could see.

**NOTE** If you cannot look back and see a point where you were changed, you should examine yourself to see if you have truly met Jesus.

That is what we are also called to be prepared to do. The easiest way to be prepared to do it is to write it down. It also is helpful to remind us to be thankful for what Jesus has done for us.

Start with prayer and just write down the three parts. Then continue in prayer and refine it and rehearse sharing it. That is what being prepared is all about.

Finally, look for opportunities to share it because it gets easier and easier. 

Teenager Testimonies...

Jessica, a teenage girl from Oklahoma (USA), shared the story of how she became Hungry for God. It is the story of how she was raised from a broken home and stumbled along the way but in the end learned of God's love.

Saved Through Repentance is the story of how a teenager learned the difference between knowing about Jesus and having a relationship with Him.

Saved From False Religions...

Saved By The Word is a true story of how God physically used the Bible to bring a Muslim to Christ. It is a good reminder that God can do anything.

Saved From The Watchtower Society is the story of a woman that was delivered from the false teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Testimonies From India... 

Discipled For Christ is a Christian testimony from India. It is an inspirational story that can help us to see the importance of becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another testimony from India is Saved From Hinduism which is the story of how a young woman turned away from idols and false "gods".

Saved Through The Word is a wonderful true story of how God's Word changed the life of a young man from Uttar Pradesh. It is not only a story of salvation but also one of deliverance from alcohol and tobacco.

Stories of God's Great Mercy And Forgiveness...

Saved From Abortion is a testimony of how God showed a woman mercy and forgiveness even after abortions. The story can help us all to see that God forgives all sin.

Saved For Service is the story of how Jesus Christ has given a man victory over pain. This is a truly inspirational account of how God can use each and every one of us for His glory!

Saved From Suicide is the story of how Jesus saved a young man (me) who was at the end of his rope. You can also watch a video of this Christian testimony.

His Grace Is Sufficient is the story of how God's grace delivered our sister from a painful past.

Saved Through The Storm is the story of how God touched a woman's life even through the storm of sexual abuse.

Saved From Tradition is the story of a woman who was lost in the traditions of family religion but found Jesus through a personal encounter.

Overcoming Evil...

Free From The Clown is a sister's story of overcoming the devil. It is an eye-opening account of how Satan uses deception and lies to keep people in bondage.

Saved From The Red Scorpion is a true story from Finland about overcoming Satan and his demons.

Delivered From Drugs And Alcohol...

Saved From Drugs And Alcohol is the christian testimony of God's power and mercy in a young woman's life. Another story of rescue from these things is Saved From Destruction.