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This is the story of how a tragic accident affected the life of a teenage girl. Like the thorn in the flesh of the apostle Paul, the memory of the accident was a torment from Satan. Her testimony is also an example of what can happen when we do not have a fellow Christian to help us through difficult times.

This torment sent a young woman into a tailspin. After a very long season of heartache and despair (like the prodigal son in the Holy Bible), God reached down and she was brought back into His loving family.

This is her story in her own words:

I accepted the Lord when I was in the 5th grade and grew up in a very loving Christian home. I enjoyed all that our church had to offer during my jr.high and freshman/sophomore years. But, when a person turns 16 in the states they get their drivers license. I passed my test in February and in June my dad asked if I would like to drive out-of-town with him. I said yes and, on a Saturday, my dad, my sister, and I took off. My dad was asleep in the backseat and my baby sister was in the front asleep. Just a few miles from our destination, another driver and I came up on a hill. He was in a pickup truck in front. He got to the top of the hill and quickly swerved to the left. My eyes followed his truck and I didn't see what was right in front of me. I hit a teenager on a bike. She hit the hood of the car, flew up in the air, and skidded face down. My dad was out of the car and by the girl's side before I got the car to stop. She was pronounced dead at the scene. After that accident, I went through a dark period. All I could think of was, "Did her parents hate me?", "Were the police going to come and arrest me?", and the worst one was "Did I just send someone to hell?" I love my parents but they didn't know how to help me deal with this and I kept my feelings in. It would have helped a lot if I could have talked to a Christian counselor, a pastor, or even others who have had the same experience.

I was still in high school and after the accident I started drinking at parties or at friend's homes. I did it to numb the pain. One month out of high school I married a drunk. But, that's what I wanted. This way we could drink all of the time. The marriage only lasted for 2 years. For the next 25 yrs I went through men using them for whatever my needs were at the time. You might ask "What happened to me listening to the Holy Spirit?" Well, you ignore the Holy Spirit long enough and you can suppress the urge to listen and do the right thing. That is what I did. I ignored it and listened to the world. It was 25 years of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll (only mine was sex, drugs, and country western).

After 25 years of running around I had had enough. It was New Years Eve and normally I would go out and party the night away but this time I felt drained and exhausted. I was worn out and knew what I had to do. I went into the bedroom, got on my face, and asked God to forgive me for the last 25 years. He did and I knew exactly what I had to do. The next day was Sunday. So, I opened the phone book and the first worship place I saw is where I planned on going. I will never forget walking into the worship building as I was greeted by 2 people. One happened to be my neighbor and the other was a man who said, "I dont shake hands I hug". After the greetings, I was bound and determined to get to the sanctuary. There was a party and I was the guest of honor (Luke 15:11-32). Once I left there, God and I had a little talk. He said, "You have danced on bars, tables, and the wrong kind of dance floors but now you will dance for me". I do and that is how the Word By Ten ministry was born. Now I travel all over spreading the gospel through interpretive dance and sign language. I work with the youth and ladies both at workshops and at seminars.

Maybe after seeing how His grace is sufficient for Vickie, you desire to know the Lord. You can do that by pressing the RESET BUTTON on your life. We are told, in 2 Corinthians 5:17, that, if we are in Christ, we are a new creation. You, like Vickie, can have that new life thanks to Jesus.

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