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This is the story of Vijay and God's grace and mercy in his life. It can serve to show us the importance of growing in the faith and becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Vijay and I hail from the Punjab. I was born and brought up in a staunch Hindu family.

I also pursued this religion very avidly with my parents. They have followed this religion in order to obtain peace. Sadly, all our rituals were ineffective and we remained without peace. But, one good thing in our family was that my mother had a Christian background even though she adopted Hinduism right after her marriage.

Though, she is a Hindu now, she still sings songs and prays at the auspicious occasions like Christmas and Good Friday. Thus, the Lord paved the way for my salvation as she taught me the Lord’s Prayer and some Christian songs too. All these things made me keen to know more about Jesus. One day I had gone to attend one meeting along with my mother. I saw a colossal congregation worshiping Christ the creator of the entire universe; joy and happiness was on their faces. Throngs of people were crying for their salvation to the God of heaven and this scene pricked my heart. I saw many people responded to the altar call that was given by the preacher. I also wanted to go forward for the salvation but I could not get near to the pulpit due to the great multitude. This sight touched my heart. When we came back to our home, I knelt down on my bed and surrendered my life to Jesus.

As I was growing up things begin to fade from my mind. However, by God’s grace, I got a chance to study in a Christian school which was within walking distance of my home. There I met some Christian students who helped me to know more about Jesus Christ. I was pretty happy with the way my friends taught me about Lord Jesus Christ by being in the school. Nevertheless, I had to leave the school due to some reasons. Therefore, I left my Christian school and got admission to another school which wasn’t a Christian school. Gradually, my zeal for the Lord began to decline. Subsequently, a moment came into my life where I was completely lost in the worldly.

But, one day, I met a pastor while I was with my friend. That was the turning point of my life. He prayed and helped me to give up all the detestable practices from my life. Then, I became a regular member of his church. Right after my studies, I wanted to go to college for bible study. My pastor encouraged me to go but my parents underestimated my desire. I prayed for this matter along with my Pastor and finally my parents allowed me to go for bible study.

Then, I enrolled at Filadelfia Bible College in Rajasthan. The Lord used me and my family came to Jesus. The Lord blessed us with His peace which we were waiting for. I was very happy and everything was going well. But, one day, a tragedy took place in our family life as my father met with a fatal accident and passed away. This occurrence turned our lives upside down. People started to speak different things rather than consoling us. We were in very difficult situation especially I, for I had to go to my college in order to complete my theological studies. My family encouraged me to do so. I took determined steps with prayer and went back to Rajasthan. By God’s grace, I finished my studies and got the privilege to serve Him. The Lord removed all the hurdles and turned our sorrowful condition into joy. I got married with a Godly lady Renu and then the Lord blessed me with a female child Jennifer. In plain words, He has done all those things which were beyond our reach. I am blessed richly in Jesus Christ!

Vijay from the Punjab, India

We hope that the story, Discipled For Christ, will encourage you to grow in your faith. If you know the Lord, then you too have a story to share with the world. Your testimony may help to encourage others around the world to pursue a closer walk with Jesus.

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