Later, as a teenager, my parents stopped drinking but instead switched to screaming at each other. To deal with the stress, my older sister, my twin, and I all experimented with drugs and/or alcohol. By the grace of GOD, I did not dabble very far into that world. But, my older sister and my twin are both wrapped up in it still. HE gave me the strength to overcome my fears and deal with reality. HE has given me a great husband and a very good life. I thank Him so much for having mercy on me. Trust Him. HE can reach into the pits of hell and pull you out! Chasity Indiana,U.S.A. We know this to be true because of what The Bible says in 1 John 4:13-18. We are told that God is love and that there is no fear in love. We are also told that perfect love (that is the love from God) drives out fear.

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