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This is the true story of how Scott, from California, was saved from drug overdose and heroin addiction.

My name is Scott and Jesus Christ has done wonderful things in my life. Before knowing Christ, I was miserable, confused and lost in the direction I was going in my life. I felt like I did not have a purpose or a real drive to do anything. So I just did whatever I wanted to do with no regard of the consequences that I was about to face. I was desperate for answers, however I always seemed to come up short so I went into hiding, covering my feelings and emotions with drugs and alcohol. The lord has been so good to me I've walked through many tough trials in life with him, and he's never let me down not even once! He gives me power, and the hope each day to wake up with a big smile on my face and free from addiction. Which is amazing because I used to be a heroin junkie and meth addict, and a true addict at heart! I called it quits one day when I overdosed on heroin and my friend left me in the hospital parking lot to die! The nurse found me dead and brought me in. When I woke up, I realized I was stone dead for two and one half hours! Everything was gone cell phone, keys, everything. I had no way of getting home. I then cried out to God: if I get home without my parents finding out, I swear I will never touch that stuff ever again. And the lord came through, I called a friend from the hospital phone and she gave me the kid's number I needed that left me in the parking lot and he picked me up. I would have had to walk home in my hospital clothes in the middle of the night and my parents would have kicked me out on the street. After spitting in God's face again, which I've been doing pretty much my whole life, God still came through. It was amazing and I recommitted myself back to Christ to come into my heart for REAL. I've been clean and sober ever since that day all praise to God for his precious son Jesus Christ without him I would be a dead man. Well God bless everybody. I hope everyone who has read this letter will praise God and his son Jesus for all he has done for us on the cross and accept him if not already into your hearts as your lord and savior good luck.

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