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This is the story of Jessica, a teenage girl from Oklahoma (USA), and how she finally learned about love and acceptance through Jesus Christ. This is her story in her own words:

I had grown up in a church and at the age of 6 became a member. I was born into a broken family but I have a wonderful church family, at the church of God, where I was saved at the age of seven.

When I was in the pre-teen years, I began to fall into sin. I went to a church camp in New Mexico at age 15 and rededicated my life to God. I got baptized too that summer and it felt like my family members were against me. They are unsaved and I felt so alone!

Throughout the school year at age 16, I lost my way and began acting out by partying and having sex. I forgot my worth, I forgot God's love, and I forgot that he was there!! I dropped out of school as I felt judged for things my friends did, yet they would judge me.

I enrolled at Jobcorps and achieved my high school diploma!! At the age of seventeen, I rededicated my life a second time to God! This time, I knew him better then I did the last time as I hungered for him more! I love and loved every minute of it!!

Now, at age 18, God has opened so many doors for me that I could never have done myself!! God is awesome!! Awesome with power!! He has provided all my needs, from the big to the small! Our God is great!!

If you are a teenager and would like to tell your God stories to the world, we invite you to submit your testimony just like Jessica did. Your stories may help another teenager that is struggling to find their faith and to grow in Christ.

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