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This is the story of Grace, a woman from Mumbai India. It is the story of how she was led to Christ through a relationship at work and how she was able to turn away from idols and false gods. I'm a converted Christian from Hindu... Over the past 23 years I was worshiping idols and images and I thought they were God. Whenever I prayed to these "gods" for peace or joy in my house or my relative's house, that day was a disaster as there were quarrels among my families. They would fight and I was confused as to why, in spite of praying, this happened. I was working in a company... then I needed to change the company... then a friend my mine told me about a company where I have been working for 1.5 yrs now. He gave me an interview and I was selected. There were many employees and many of them were Males. For the first 3 to 4 months, It was very difficult to adjust but later we all became friends. Then I met a person named Kirti who is a manager in our company and a Christian. His father was a converted Christian. He told me about Jesus and I first took it as very Holy God but was worshiping these other "gods". Slowly, slowly he explained to me what Jesus had done for us. Then, one day, he called me in His Church. That day I Got a Bible and my true living God, Lord Jesus. I took the Bible home and started reading. The next sunday came and I was getting ready to go to church again. I thought that my parents would allow me to go but they denied me permission. I kept my Bible in the office and would read it in the office. Slowly, me and my Friend Kirti started sharing the word of God and I totally gave up the idols and images and only worshiped God. My mother found that very annoying and tried to force me to stop but I never stopped. I would pray night and morning. Then, slowly slowly I turned completely to Jesus and accepted him as a Personal Saviour. One day I was praying and asking God to reveal himself to me. I prayed, though it be by any means, please assure me that your presence is there in my life. I cried and prayed all night. Then, while praying, I slept. The next morning I was rushing to the office and I wanted to catch a bus. One bus came but it was in motion. It was getting late so I attempted to catch the bus but my leg slipped and my balance went off. I was hanging in the bus for 5 minutes. Then, suddenly I felt a hold on my arm lifting me up and I was relieved. I didn't get to know at that time who had a hold on my arm as I was so scared. I came to the office and began to read my Bible. Then, God spoke to my mind and he asked: " DID U GET THE ANSWER?". I replied that I had got the answer and was overwhelmed but very happy thanking God that he had answered my question and his presence is in my life. I shared this with my friend and Pastor and they were very Happy. I have complete faith in my God, my Lord Jesus. May glory be to him now and forever. AMEN!

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