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This is a true story from India that demonstrates the power that is contained in the Word of God. In Romans 10:17, we are told by the apostle Paul that faith comes from hearing the word of God. We clearly see how God's Word transforms the life of this man from India. This is his story in his own words (it was edited for clarity). PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER Brothers and Sisters JESUS THE LORD has changed my life , before I used to be a drunk, smoker and my life was very unhappy. I was having no aim in life. I used to cry and weep about why my life is like this and the there was no one to wipe my tears . Then LORD JESUS saw me from heaven. He selected me to be one of his disciples on the earth . One day, in the market, a person gave me a thick and small book about JESUS THE LORD . I kept the book in the house but never opened it. One day, when I was weeping, I saw that same book was fallen on the floor . Something happened as I saw the photo of JESUS THE LORD on the front of book. That picture was showing and defining a kind man who loved everyone. I sat and stared reading that book. After reading the book for sometime, I came to know that JESUS THE LORD love every one, even the sinners also. I was a dull student and my family used to persecute me for that. I was searching for someone who can love me, inspire me, improve me, make me smile, give me happiness. And, PRAISE THE LORD, for he came to me through that book. He guided me and I was very much inspired by LORD JESUS after reading that book. So, I went to church a in Agra, named as FAITH CHURCH, to know more. In the church, people asked "Who has told you about our church?", "Through whom has you come here?". I still remember the name I said: LORD JESUS, because that was the only truth . Then, I continued going to church Sunday by Sunday and, very soon, I was knowing many more things about what is GOD'S WISH. The church provided me a HOLY BIBLE and after reading it .............. MY LIFE JUST CHANGED I come to know more about MY LORD. It was like GOD is talking to me through the HOLY BIBLE. Soon, miracles started happening! I left smoking & drinking because my father JESUS told me to do so. He changed me like a good father changes a bad son. Today, I am happy, calm, soft spoken and everything in my life is just because of JESUS THE LORD . No words can define my thankfulness to JESUS THE LORD. That's why I have decided that, to thank JESUS THE LORD, I will live my life to admire and glorify my father in heaven, JESUS CHRIST . HE SAVED ME, HE IS A LOVELY AND CARING FATHER FOR THOSE WHO ACCEPT HIM. Atul, Uttar Pradesh, India If you have been saved through the word, you can share your story with the world. We will edit and share it in order to build up others in their faith.

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