Isaiah Chapter Twenty Seven, The Shining City...

In our study of Isaiah chapter twenty seven, we look at the final judgment of the earth and the new shining city of Jerusalem. This is the third of the series of songs in which God's people celebrate the coming of the King and His Kingdom.

Isaiah 27:1

"In that day, the Lord will punish with his sword - his fierce, great and powerful sword - Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea." NIV translation

"In that day" is a technical term that is used to describe the time of Great Tribulation as well as the Millennial Reign and eternity. Here, it is specifically talking about the time after the Millennial Reign when Satan is finally judged.

The sword refers to the word of God (see Revelation 19:15) and it is used to bring charges against the devil. The first description used here is "fierce" and comes from the Hebrew word "qasheh" and it means severe. It is a reminder that those that have rejected the fact that life is a gift from God will come against the force that created all things. 

The second term that is translated as "great" is the Hebrew word "gadowl" which basically means "older". This speaks of the fact that, in the beginning was the word and is a reminder of the fact that only God has been around forever. We will all live in the forever that is to come but we have not always existed. In the same way, Satan will be reminded that he was not around in the beginning. 

The third term that is used is the Hebrew word "chazaq" which is translated as strong. It is a reminder of the power of the very words of God and the fact that He did not have to physically build the things of creation but simply spoke them into existence out of nothing.

The last part of the verse contrasts the words of the devil with the previous description of the word of God. First we see the name leviathan used and it basically means "wreathed" or formed which is a reminder to the devil that he was created by the very words of God. Satan is described as "gliding" but the Hebrew word is "bariyach" which means fleeing and it speaks of the fact that the devil is a liar and his words have no lasting impact unlike the eternal words of God. The second term is "aqallathown" which is translated as coiling or crooked and it speaks of the fact that Satan's words bring pain and suffering while the words of God bring life. The third part of the description is "monster of the sea" which comes from the Hebrew word "tamiyn" and can mean sea serpent or jackal. A jackal is an animal that scavenges and looks for the easy opportunity to profit from another animal's hunting. This speaks of the fact that the devil is a liar and his words could not be trusted while the word of God is truth and stands forever.