Isaiah Chapter Thirty Two, The New World Order...

In our study of Isaiah chapter thirty two, we look at the real "New World Order" that will be established with the return of Jesus Christ. In chapter 31, we saw Isaiah prophesy that, when Israel saw the Lord defend Jerusalem, they would repent and turn back to God. The battle described there speaks of the final events before the period of time that is commonly called the "Messianic Reign" or the "Millennial Reign" and we will look at that period of time in this study.

Isaiah 32:1

"See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with Justice." NIV translation

Isaiah begins with a couple of often overlooked facts about this period of time.

The first one is that "a king", which refers to Jesus Christ, will reign and that is nothing new as there have been many men throughout history that have attempted to take over the world.

There are many conspiracy stories about a shadowy form of government that conspires to control the world and this theory is partially true.

Although Isaiah did not speak of this directly, in his day, this was associated with the Assyrians who were trying to take over the entire land of Israel. In the last days before the reign that is described in this chapter, there will be a group of individuals that are led by Satan and his anti-christs. They will deceive the nations and a counterfeit "new world order" will be set up.

It is counterfeit for a couple of reasons and the first is that they are really not in control as it is God that allows the events to take place to fulfill His purposes. The second reason that it is a counterfeit reign is that it is temporary as it will only last through a short period of time that is commonly called the "Great Tribulation".

The real king that Isaiah refers to can only be Jesus Christ as he says that He will "reign in righteousness" which speaks of the fact that He will establish the proper government for the earth.

The second overlooked fact is that this King will appoint people to be leaders around the world. He will reign in Jerusalem but His kingdom will include all of the earth. We will look at these people in more detail in the next part of our study.