Revelation Chapter Eighteen, God's Judgment Of The World Economic System...

In our study of Revelation chapter eighteen, we will look at the world economic system of today and compare it to the system that is described here. We will then look at the judgment that is coming on that system. As they say, money is power in our world today and we will see how this system is used to control the people and to get them to worship the beast.

In chapter 17, we saw the judgment of God fall on the leaders of the world religious system and the city that was at its center. Now, God turns His attention to the tool that the unholy trinity uses to grab and control the people.

Revelation 18:1

"After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendor." NIV translation

Since we were introduced to the beasts (in chapter 13), John has told us of six different angels that have all been described as "another angel".

We see that this angel is the sixth (another) angel but it is not an ordinary angel as we are told that he has great authority and splendor. This is a picture of what is to come as we are told that, in the new heaven and earth, God will be the source of light and there will not be any darkness. You know that you are getting close to that time when an angel provides light (illuminates) to the earth.

Revelation 18:2

"With a mighty voice he shouted: 'Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.'" NIV translation

This angel brings to light the fact that God is going to judge the world economic system and the city at its center. In the Old Testament, Babylon was the center of commerce and they were the ones that introduced God's people (Israel) to a modern system of trade and commerce. This angel tells us that this system has become a home for all kinds of evil and unclean things. The system of the Babylonians was much like our system today in that it was based on greed and getting all of the money that you can no matter what. This is what the apostle Paul was talking about (in 1 Timothy 6) when he warned us about the "love of money" being the root of all kinds of evil.