Exodus 6:1

"Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh: Because of my mighty hand he will let them go; because of my mighty hand he will drive them out of his country.'" NIV translation

In chapter 5, Pharaoh refused to let the people go and increased their workload so that they would not have time to even think of leaving. We know that God is in control so we might ask why He would allow this persecution instead of simply making Pharaoh release them. We see the answer in this verse and it is so that the Israelites would see that it is only through the power of God Almighty that they will be delivered.

It is the same for us as Christians in that, if we need to be truly delivered from something, it is only the power of God that can accomplish it in our lives. It seems like there is a program for everything that people struggle with in this world today. They are useless and powerless without the Creator of the universe changing our circumstances.

Exodus 6:2 & 3

"God also said to Moses, 'I am the Lord, I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God almighty but by my name the Lord I did not make myself fully known to them.'" NIV translation

We see two different names for God here and there is an important difference. God Almighty (El Shaddai in Hebrew) is a name that confirms that He exists. Lord (YahWeh in Hebrew) is a name that confirms the presence of God with His people.

In the days before the deliverance of Israel, their ancestors knew that God existed as they could see it in all of creation. Now, God was going to reveal the fact that he would be with them in a much more personal way. 

It is still the same with many people today as they know that a "higher power" exists but they do not know of the Lord (its not personal with them). This is a very big difference especially when the struggles of this life slap you in the face.