Short Topical Studies of the Word of God

Our devotions offer practical application of a particular Bible passage. They can be used by the Holy Spirit to bring you to a deeper understanding of some biblical principles.

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Alone With God

Alone with God uses the story of Elijah's meeting with God at Mount Horeb to allow us to see what question God will ask of us when we are alone with him.

Fiddler In The Pew

Fiddler In The Pew is a devotional reminding Christians that faith is an action word.

Measure Of A Man

The measure of a man is a meditation on the different views of success and greatness.

Not Enough Time

Not enough time is a look at the busyness of our lives from a biblical perspective.

Shock And Awe

Shock And Awe is a devotional that reminds us of the fact that a time is coming when everything will be judged. The real shock and awe is coming, are you ready?

What's It Worth

Whats It Worth, a look at our treasures from a biblical perspective.