Song Of Songs Chapter One, The Song Of Salvation...

In our study of Song Of Songs, we see a picture of the life that we are offered through the blood of Jesus Christ. As a whole, the book is a collection of five songs concerning love and we are reminded that, throughout the Bible, the number five is associated with God's grace (gift). This first chapter contains the song of salvation which speaks of the establishment of a right relationship with our King. ** NOTE ** Throughout this book, translators have added captions (She, Friends, He) to aid in understanding the text but there is some debate about them and we are leaving them out so that the text can be read in the manner that it was written.

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Song Of Songs 1:1

"Solomon's Song of Songs." NIV translation

Although there is some debate among scholars, this opening verse makes it clear that this book is written by King Solomon. We are reminded of the fact that Solomon was the wisest man that the world has ever seen. In his other writings (see Ecclesiastes), we see that he tried all the things of the world and came to the conclusion that the only thing that matters is our right relationship with God. 

We are also reminded of the fact that it was Solomon's love for women that would eventually lead to the division of the nation of Israel. We do not know the exact time when this book was written but it is quite possible that it was after Solomon learned of God's judgment on his family because of his forbidden marriage.

In the Hebrew text, the title is "Solomon's Song of Songs" and, because of its nature, Israelites were not allowed to read this book until they reached the age of thirty and were ready for marriage.

Throughout the Bible, the relationship between mankind and God is compared to the marriage relationship between a man and a woman as designed by God and recorded in Genesis 2. This book speaks of the ideal marriage between a man and a woman and uses it as a picture of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Why would God include this writing in the Bible? We are reminded of the fact that, in general, the Jewish people are a practical (physical) people and this writing puts the life of the righteous into a practical perspective (a way that they could easily relate to).