Leviticus Chapter Two, The Perfect Life Of Christ... 

In our study of Leviticus chapter two, we look at how the grain offering is a picture of the perfect life of Jesus. In chapter one, we looked at the burnt offering and the fact that it was a picture of the atoning death of Jesus Christ for our sins. Now, we look at the grain (meal) offering and how it represents His perfect life in the flesh on this earth. 

Leviticus 2:1

"'"When anyone brings a grain offering to the Lord, their offering is to be of the finest flour. They are to pour olive oil on it, put incense on it,"'" NIV translation

We are introduced to the grain offering and are reminded that it was offered with one of the other offerings including the burnt offering. We see that it is to be the finest flour and we have to remember that they did not have factories or equipment to grind the grain into flour. For most people, the grain would have been beaten by hand and it would have taken a considerable amount of time and effort. This is a reminder that, when we come to Christ for salvation, we are placing our will and our lives in His hands.

We see that the offering was to have olive oil and incense on it. Olive oil is a picture of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The incense was frankincense and this only let the smell out when it was crushed or bruised. This is a picture of the fact that the life of Christ was led by the will of the Father and that He would suffer for our sins. These offerings were presented every day and are a reminder that our walk, as Christians, involves a daily offering of our lives to God.

Leviticus 2:2 & 3

"'"and take it to Aaron's sons the priests. The priest shall take a handful of the flour and oil, together with all the incense, and burn this as a memorial portion on the altar, a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the Lord. The rest of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons; it is a most holy part of the food offerings presented to the Lord."'" NIV translation

A portion was burnt on the altar and the rest was for the priests to eat. This reminds us that God wants to be given control of our lives but He also allows us to use much of the time to enjoy the things He has made.