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Fiddler in the pew is a plea for the Christians of the world to open their eyes. We are not called to be an island in this world. We are called to show the love of Jesus to a dying world.

Nero was emperor of Rome from 54 to 68 A.D. He is most remembered for his madness and persecution of Christians. He liked to disguise himself at night and attack people on the street. If they resisted, he would kill them. He would rob stores and then auction the stolen goods at the palace. He would light Christians on fire and use them to light his gardens and parties. He would light Christians on fire and use them to light his gardens and parties. He would have himself released from a cage dressed in animal skins and attack the private parts of Christian men and women. Nero thought he was a great chariot racer because he always won the races. No one would ever tell him that he won because none of the other racers dared to beat him. He thought he was a great singer and actor because a group always clapped at the end of his performances. No one would ever tell him that the reason they clapped was that it was their job.

It is said that the height of his madness was evident in 64 A.D. In that year, a fire occurred in Rome that raged for nine days. The fire destroyed over half of the city. It is said that, during the fire, Nero was seen on the rooftop playing the fiddle.

In Matthew chapter 5 verses 14 & 15, Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world. He goes on to say that you cannot hide a city on a hill. He also tells us that people do not light a lamp, put it under a bowl, and walk around in the dark.

We would all agree that Nero was a madman. We can also see that it would be madness to try to hide a city on a hill. We can probably agree that it is also madness to light a lamp, place it under a bowl, and walk around in the dark. Is it any less madness to watch what is going on in the world and do nothing?

Our country has abandoned God and that has consequences. Our nation was founded on the Word of God and we prospered because of that relationship. Not only that, but the world was blessed through Christians who fought and died to give people freedom. That freedom included the chance to hear of the Savior.

Since we began to tell God to stay out of the affairs of our country we have been in decline. Because of that, the world is in a lot worse condition.

We Christians bear the responsibility for that. We have placed our light under that bowl. America was once that city on a hill. We have become a FIDDLER IN THE PEW.

We all have two questions to ask ourselves. Are we not as mad as Nero fiddling while "Rome" is burning? Which do you think Jesus will be happy with the FIDDLER IN THE PEW or the LIGHT OF THE WORLD?

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