Job 1:1

"In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil." NIV translation

We are introduced to the man and not much is known about him or where he lived but the name is Iyowb in Hebrew and it means "hated" or "persecuted". The land of Uz was to the east of Jerusalem and was probably in the area of the modern city of Damascus Syria. Uz was a nephew of Abraham and tradition, as stated by the historian Josephus, says that he founded the city of Damascus.

We see four things about this man and are reminded that, throughout the Bible, the number four is associated with the trials and testing of man. The word that is translated as "blameless" is "tam" in Hebrew and is speaks of one who is gentle and loving. The word translated as "upright" is "yashar" which means "straight" in Hebrew and speaks of the fact that he was an honest man in his dealings with others. We also see that he "feared God" and the word "yare" is translated as fear but it speaks of reverence or holding high the name of God. Finally, we see that this man turned away from evil and speaks of the fact that, when he was tempted to do things in the way of the world, he chose to look at all things from a heavenly perspective.

All of this is to show us that he was a "good man" and this will be crucial in understanding the entire book.