1 Kings 5:1

"When Hiram king of Tyre heard that Solomon had been anointed king to succeed his father David, he sent envoys to Solomon, because he had always been on friendly terms with David." NIV translation

We see that King David had been respected by Hiram king of Tyre. Hiram had even provided the lumber for the construction of David's palace. Because of that respect, Hiram sent a delegation to congratulate the new king of Israel.

1 Kings 5:2 - 5

"Solomon sent back this message to Hiram: 'You know that because of the wars against my father David from all sides, he could not build a temple for the Name of the Lord his God until the Lord put his enemies under his feet. But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side, and there is no adversary or disaster. I intend, therefore, to build a temple for the Name of the Lord my God, as the Lord told my father David, when he said, "Your son whom I will put on the throne in your place will build the temple for my Name."'" NIV translation

Solomon told Hiram of his father's wish to build a temple for the Lord. He also spoke of the legacy of peace that had been left to him as well as the work to be done. He goes on to explain that this was a part of God's plan that had been reserved for him.

Solomon was not only grateful for the legacy that King David left but he was also willing to build on that past. He was not only going to build a physical building but he was also contributing to the family legacy of following the will of God for their lives.

As Christians, some of us do not have a family legacy of following God as we were not raised in a Christian home. In this case, we can begin to lay the groundwork of the legacy to be passed on. This can be passed on to our physical children as well as to those we tell about Jesus Christ.

For those that were raised in a Christian home, you can build on that legacy by remembering what God has done in the past and telling others about what He is doing today.