Leviticus Chapter Two part 2, A study of Leviticus 2:4, Leviticus 2:5 - 7, and Leviticus 2:8 - 10 featuring our Common Man's Commentary

Leviticus 2:4

"'"If you bring a grain offering baked in an oven, it is to consist of the finest flour: either thick loaves made without yeast and with olive oil mixed in or thin loaves made without yeast and brushed with olive oil."'" NIV translation

Throughout the Bible, yeast is a picture of sin and heat or fire is a picture of trials and refinement. In the meal offering we see that Christ lived a sinless life on this earth but it was not without trials and temptations. The olive oil that is used in the preparation reminds us of the fact that it was a Spirit filled life led by the will of the Father.

Leviticus 2:5 - 7

"'"If your grain offering is prepared on a griddle, it is to be made of the finest flour mixed with oil, and without yeast. Crumble it and pour oil on it; it is a grain offering. If your grain offering is cooked in a pan, it is to be made of the finest flour and some olive oil."'" NIV translation

Although baking takes longer, the griddle and the pan are still able to cook something. We are reminded that it is not the length of a life on this earth that matters but the quality of it. The quality is determined by following the Spirit.

Leviticus 2:8 - 10

"'"Bring the grain offering made of these things to the Lord; present it to the priest, who shall take it to the altar. He shall take out the memorial portion from the grain offering and burn it on the altar as a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the Lord. The rest of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons; it is a most holy part of the food offerings presented to the Lord."'" NIV translation

Most of the offering was given to the priests to sustain them and they were to eat it in the sanctuary. This is a reminder to us that the life of Christ has purchased everything that we need to sustain us.

Many people spend a bunch of their time trying to chase after the things of this world and worrying about sustaining their family. Here, we see that God will supply when we trust in Him and the offering of Jesus Christ.