Joshua Chapter Two part 4, A study of Joshua 2:21, Joshua 2:22 & 23, and Joshua 2:24 featuring our Common Man's Commentary and study quiz

Joshua 2:21

"'Agreed,' she replied. 'Let it be as you say.' So she sent them away, and they departed. And she tied the scarlet cord in the window." NIV translation

So, the terms of the contract are agreed to and Rahab sends the spies off and ties the cord to the window. This verse reminds us that we come to salvation on God's terms. Like Rahab, He gives us the free will to accept or reject the terms but we cannot alter the terms. Just as the spies gave her a cord to identify her house, Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to identify us.

Joshua 2:22 & 23

"When they left, they went into the hills and stayed there three days, until the pursuers had searched all along the road and returned without finding them. Then the two men started back. They went down out of the hills, forded the river and came to Joshua son of Nun and told him everything that had happened to them." NIV translation

Timing is critical in all things and we know that God's timing is perfect. The spies were patient and followed the advice of a prostitute and hid out for three days. It would have been easy to get all excited and try to immediately run to Joshua and tell him the good news but they waited.

Joshua 2:24

"They said to Joshua, 'The Lord has surely given the whole land into our hands; all the people are melting in fear because of us.'" NIV translation

At the appointed time, they delivered the good news to Joshua. 

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