Isaiah Chapter Twenty Eight part 9, A study of Isaiah 28:22 featuring our Common Man's Commentary

Isaiah 28:22

"Now stop your mocking, or your chains will become heavier; the Lord, the Lord Almighty, has told me of the destruction decreed against the whole land." NIV translation

Isaiah urges the rulers of Jerusalem to stop their heckling and to accept the instruction from the Lord. He warns them that, if they do not, then, their "chains" will become heavier. The Hebrew word that is translated here as "chains" is "mowcer" and it means chastisement or correction. 

This is an important point as it reminds us that the purpose of this correction was to bring the people to repentance and not as a punishment. Isaiah goes on to say that this correction will be a total destruction of the land. 

We are also reminded that the people did not think that God would bring the correction on them because of the fact that they were His "chosen people".

The opposite was actually true because a "good father" will not let their children continue to do harmful things. Correction or discipline is the mark of a loving Father. In our world today, this is not a very popular way of thinking but the lack of correction has allowed many a child to continue down a road that leads to some pretty miserable consequences.

The correction is meant to bring the child's actions into agreement with the will of the parent. In the same way, the correction at the hands of the Babylonians was meant to get the people of Israel to abandon their self righteous attitude and to follow the ways of God.

This is the same thing that is going to happen in the last days as God will bring on a series of corrections with the purpose of getting His people to turn to Him. Today, it seems like more and more people are mocking God because they don't see Him bringing a fearful judgment on those who are in disobedience to His will. 

We are reminded that correction is meant for the Father's children and not the children of the devil. Eternal punishment is what awaits those who refuse to be adopted into God's family. The fearful judgment will come at its appointed time but, for now, the hand of mercy is extended.