Isaiah Chapter Thirty Two part 3, The Millennial Lesson Plan...

Isaiah chapter thirty two part 3 continues our study with a look at Isaiah 32:3 featuring our Common Man's Commentary. In our previous study, we saw that the millennial teachers will be comforting and teaching the people that have just been through the Great Tribulation and, now, we will look at what they will be telling them.

Isaiah 32:3

"Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen." NIV translation

The "eyes" speak not only of the physical eyes of the people but also of a fountain. You can tell a lot about someone by looking them in the eyes as what is inside flows out through the eyes much like water from a fountain. The eyes of these teachers will be a window into the peace and love of Jesus Christ. The eyes that were closed speaks of the people that have been unable to see the grace that can save them from the final judgment. Their eyes were closed to this as they were trapped in a religion that depended on their own efforts and they could not fathom the idea of something as precious as eternal life being given freely to them.

The ears listening refers to the fact that they will not only hear the words of these millennial teachers but the words will penetrate into their hearts. They will finally be able to accept the fact that salvation is "by grace through faith and not of works" which is the same message that Paul shared (see Ephesians 2). 

This was also what Jesus was speaking of, in His letters to the churches of Revelation, when He ended His messages with the reference to ears that hear (see Revelation 2 & 3).

Today, there are many people that speak of two covenants (one for the Jewish people and another for the rest of mankind) but this verse speaks of the fact that there is only one way to escape the eternal judgment and that is through Jesus Christ. The false teachings about dual covenants and all religions leading to God in their own way are nothing more than a lie that is straight from the depths of hell. All of these deceptions were removed as the devil was bound during this Messianic Age.