Isaiah Chapter Thirty Two part 2, The Millennial Teachers...

Isaiah chapter thirty two part 2 continues our study with a look at Isaiah 32:2 featuring our Common Man's Commentary. In our previous study, we were introduced to some special people that were referred to as "rulers" during the Messianic Reign. The Hebrew word that was translated as "rulers" there is "sar" and it speaks of a person that is in charge and exercises the rights and privileges of the king. So, what will these leaders be doing?

Isaiah 32:2

"Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land." NIV translation

To understand the purpose of these people, we must understand that the world (and those that were left in it) has just gone through a very trying time (the Great Tribulation).

Many are confused as to what has been happening and especially the world events that they have watched unfold including the counterfeit "new world order". These people will need comforting and some explanation of what they have been through as well as preparation for what is to come.

These rulers will be the ones with the answers and they will explain all of this to the people that are in their part of the world. This will be a sharp contrast to the counterfeit leaders that the people had experienced and they are not leaders like we think of in our world today. They will not be motivated by personal gain, power, or fame but by their love for the King.

The reference to the "shadow of a great rock" speaks of the fact that, in the desert, there are usually no trees or much of anything else to shield a person from the intense heat of the sun. These rulers will be telling those that are left about the fact that the final wrath of God is coming upon the world and the only escape is under the cover of the Rock that is Jesus Christ. The "thirsty land" speaks of the fact that the people have basically exhausted their own efforts to please God and are finally willing to accept the teaching from these millennial teachers.