Hosea 4:5a

"You stumble day and night, and the prophets stumble with you." NIV translation

Now, God begins to explain that those that were supposed to be teaching the people His ways had not been doing so. Because of this fact, the people stumbled and all are guilty. This verse is just as true for us today as it was in Hosea's time as many who are supposed to be teaching the Word of God only teach a very small part of the Bible. This in turn causes the people to stumble and to disappoint God in their daily walk.

Hosea 4:5b & 6

"'So I will destroy your mother - my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.'" NIV translation

A mother is supposed to care for her children and teach them how to live. 

In the same way the priests (leaders) of God's people were supposed to teach them about the things of God.

Since they did not do what they were supposed to do, God said that He rejected them as priests (leaders). God also held the people responsible as He says here that He would also ignore the children. 

It is easy for us to say that this is all from the Old Testament and has nothing to do with us because of Christ but that is not true. We still should have the desire to learn the things of God and want to be holy and pleasing to Him. 

Like the priests of Hosea's time, many pastors and leaders of today are neglecting to teach their people all of the things of God and so the people miss out on many blessings.

Hosea 4:7 & 8

"'The more the priests increased, the more they sinned against me; they exchanged their Glory for something disgraceful. They feed on the sins of the people and relish their wickedness.'" NIV translation

God continues to state the charge against the people and here we see that, no matter how many priests there were, not a single one stood up to stop the wickedness that was going on. In fact, they enjoyed the sin and wallowed in it just as much as the rest of the people. They exchanged their walking closely with God (glory) for the walking in the fleshly things. This passage applies even more today than it did during Hosea's time as we see many spiritual leaders who join in with the things of the world instead of standing up and proclaiming the very Word of God. My friends, it is going to get even worse as we see in Revelation 17 where everyone that is left on the earth has turned to false religions and the ways of men.