Genesis 24:26 & 27

"Then the man bowed down and worshiped the Lord, saying, 'Praise be to the Lord, the God of my master Abraham, who has not abandoned his kindness and faithfulness to my master. As for me, the Lord has led me on the journey to the house of my master's relatives.'" NIV translation

The servant worships God by giving thanks for His guidance. That is a good reminder for us as well because sometimes we do a lot of praying when we need something but forget to say thanks. Our lives can be a continual worship as we pray, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and give thanks for the answers and guidance.

Genesis 24:28 - 30

"The young woman ran and told her mother's household about these things. Now Rebekah had a brother named Laban, and he hurried out to the man at the spring. As soon as he had seen the nose ring, and the bracelets on his sister's arms, and had heard Rebekah tell what the man said to her, he went out to the man and found him standing by the camels near the spring." NIV translation

Rebekah ran and told her family about the servant and showed them the gifts that she had received. Her brother Laban immediately ran out to meet the servant. We see that Laban was more interested in the material wealth than anything else.

As Christians, there are often people that want to run to us and grab onto the blessing that they see happening in our lives. Many times, they will want to join in the ministry but we must be careful because it is with the same motives as Laban. As we shall see later, people like Laban can cause some problems in any ministry.

Genesis 24:31 - 33

"'Come, you who are blessed by the Lord,' he said, 'Why are you standing out here? I have prepared the house and a place for the camels.' So the man went to the house, and the camels were unloaded. Straw and fodder were brought for the camels, and water for him and his men to wash their feet. Then food was set before him, but he said, 'I will not eat until I have told you what I have to say.' 'Then tell us,' Laban said." NIV translation

We see some interesting things about Laban as he noticed that Eliezer was blessed by the Lord. Laban also took credit for preparing to receive the guests even though he had immediately ran out to meet them. That is the danger of having men like this associated with any ministry. They are quick to see what they can get for themselves and are slow to give the glory and praise to God. This is a sharp contrast to Eliezer's reaction of worship and thankfulness.