Genesis 19:26

"But Lot's wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt." NIV translation

Have you ever wondered why she was turned into salt and not stone? Lot's wife looked back at what she was leaving because, even though the place was filled with evil, she was comfortable there. Salt is used to preserve things and she was wishing that the city and their way of life there could continue. Therefore, God made her a preservative (salt).

Genesis 19:27 & 28

"Early the next morning Abraham got up and returned to the place where he had stood before the Lord. He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace." NIV translation

We can only guess what Abraham was thinking and feeling as he saw the thick smoke rising from the plain. He must have thought that Lot had died along with the others as the Lord had promised to spare the city if ten righteous people were found. The rising smoke made it clear that there had not been ten righteous men and the Lord had said nothing of saving only Lot and his family. 

If you have ever been to the funeral of a relative without knowing whether they accepted Christ, you can probably understand what Abraham was thinking and feeling.

Genesis 19:29

"So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived." NIV translation

For the sake of Abraham, God rescued Lot and his daughters from that judgment. We must understand that they were saved from that destruction but, to escape the final judgment of Hell, the only way for them as well as us is faith in Jesus Christ. 

God still operates in the same manner today. Maybe, He has spared someone you know and love because He remembers you in the same way that He remembered Abraham. If you have a loved one tell you of a miraculous escape and they do not know Jesus Christ, you can explain this story to them and share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Genesis 19:30

"Lot and his two daughters left Zoar and settled in the mountains, for he was afraid to stay in Zoar. He and his two daughters lived in a cave." NIV translation

Zoar was a little town at the southeast end of the Dead Sea in what is now the Ghor es-Safi region of Jordan. Even though he had been spared from the judgment (and the little town with him), he was still afraid and left to live in a cave.

We must remember that fear is not of God and is the opposite of being blessed. As we shall see, this fear will have consequences that reach even into today's world.