Ezra 9:13 & 14

"'What has happened to us is a result of our evil deeds and our great guilt, and yet, our God, you have punished us less than our sins have deserved and have given us a remnant like this. Shall we again break your commands and intermarry with the peoples who commit such detestable practices? Would you not be angry enough with us to destroy us, leaving us no remnant or survivor?'" NIV translation

You can almost feel the anguish as Ezra admits to God that it is crazy to continue to fall into the same sin and expect God to overlook it. He acknowledges the fact that God would be right in completely eliminating them for their continued disobedience.

Ezra 9:15

"'O Lord, God of Israel, you are righteous! We are left this day as a remnant. Here we are before you in our guilt, though because of it not one of us can stand in your presence.'" NIV translation

Without making excuses, Ezra admits their guilt and calls out to God. In our world today, we do not want to acknowledge our sin as sin. Instead, even leaders in the church, want to change the definition of sin to justify our behavior. We must be like Ezra and acknowledge the fact that we are guilty and He is righteous. 

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