Ezra 4:8 - 10

"Rehum the commanding officer and Shimshai the secretary wrote a letter against Jerusalem to Artaxerxes the king as follows: Rehum the commanding officer and Shimshai the secretary, together with the rest of their associates - the judges and officials over the men from Tripolis, Persia, Erech and Babylon, the Elamites of Susa, and the other people whom the great and honorable Ashurbanipal deported and settled in the city of Samaria and elsewhere in Trans-Euphrates." NIV translation

They begin their letter with flattery as they speak of the greatness of the kingdom and its king.

That is a common tool of the devil and is quite effective with common men.

Ezra 4:11 & 12

"(This is a copy of the letter they sent him.) To King Artaxerxes, From your servants, the men of Trans-Euphrates: The king should know that the Jews who came up to us from you have gone to Jerusalem and are rebuilding that rebellious and wicked city. They are restoring the walls and repairing the foundations." NIV translation

The devil usually uses half-truths and that is what is contained in this letter. It tells the king that the people are rebuilding Jerusalem and that is true but it fails to mention that they were told to by Cyrus king of Persia (the government). As we know, governments come and go and this new government did not agree with the old. This is why our trust must be in the Lord and not what any government will promise to do for us.