Christian Travel, Vacations With Purpose... 

Our Christian travel guide will help you to see the value in visiting Christian sites. Many religions require certain visits (pilgrimages) to different places in the world. As Christians today, we are not required to go anywhere as the Lord dwells in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. But, we have the freedom to enjoy life and a part of that is taking a vacation sometimes.

Is there a biblical way to take a vacation? The short answer is yes and we see this in Paul's first letter to the Corinthian believers. In chapter ten, Paul was teaching about the eating of food that had been offered to idols. He explained that, in Christ, we are free to eat whatever and went on to say that whatever we do we should do for the glory of God.

We remember that the city of Corinth was like the "sin city" of the Roman Empire and the equivalent today would be Las Vegas. Applying Paul's teaching to this, we are free to go and enjoy seeing the sights of Vegas but there are much better alternatives. We can glorify God and grow in our Christian walk at the same time by visiting other places such as those that are mentioned in the Bible.

We can glorify God with our selection of a destination through the sharing of pictures or stories about these places. When people ask why we chose a particular place, we also have an open door in sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. 

We can grow in our walk with the Lord as the Bible seems to come to life when you can actually recall a personal image or memory from one of the locations that is mentioned. As you travel, you will get a taste of the cultures around you and that can help in your understanding of much of the Bible. 

There are several ways of taking a vacation including tour packages which are probably best for the novice traveller. For those who are more familiar with travels abroad, we hope to provide tips and helpful hints on how to go to these places on your own. By doing so, you are more free to listen to the Holy Spirit and to get more of what God wants for you out of your vacation.