Christian Resources, Tools For Building Up The Church 

With our Christian resources, we provide tools that can be used to help you to grow in your faith as well as sharing that faith with the world around you. Although this website is a great tool, we understand that there are many ways to share the gospel with others as well as growing in our faith. To that end, we have expanded the ways in which we share the Word of God.


Because not everyone wants to pick up the Bible as well as their favorite commentary, we have combined them into audible studies (podcasts). You get the same studies with our Common Man's Commentary but with the added convenience of listening to them anywhere (even in your car if it is equipped with Google Assistant or Alexa). These studies can help to build you up in your walk with the Lord and you can share them with others to help them.

Listen on Google Play Music

You can now access our chapter length Bible studies through The Olive Grove podcasts on Google Play and Alexa enabled devices, as well as on iHeart Radio.

We also realize that not everyone has 15 minutes at a time to listen to a chapter every day. Therefore, we have created the Daily Bible Verse skill for Alexa enabled devices. Now, you can get a short (less than two minute) study as a part of your daily Flash Briefing.

Christian Conversation T-shirts -  CCT's

Have you ever had on a t-shirt with something faith based on it and had someone ask you about it? That has happened to me so many times that I have lost count. I have worn them to work and been asked by my coworkers about them and I have just been out in public going about my errands and had people ask me about the message on my shirt. This has opened many doors for me to talk about Jesus with people that might not normally go to a "church" or read a Bible.

With that in mind, we have partnered with to create t-shirts and hoodies with a message on them. They are under the CCT's brand and the point of them is to get people to ask you about the message so that you can start a conversation with them about the things of God.

Our first t-shirt ( Alone With God) is now available through and our Alone With God devotional uses the story of Elijah at Mt. Horeb to show us the question that we all must answer sooner or later.


Now, you can have fun while testing your Bible knowledge. With the Bible Challenge skill for Alexa, we have created a fun trivia game. To play, you can simply enable the skill and follow the voice prompts. The Bible Challenge is updated with more questions each week so that no game is ever the same. Enjoy!

There are other great features that are in the works for the Bible Challenge game so stay tuned!


We have other Christian resources in the works that are not ready for release yet but stay tuned as there are audio books and movies that are in development.