Amos 8:7

"The Lord has sworn by himself, the Pride of Jacob: 'I will never forget anything they have done.'" NIV translation

Here, the title of "Prince of Jacob" refers to Jesus and the fact that He is a Jew. In chapter 6, it had been used to describe Israel and the fact that they trusted in themselves. This is even more true today as it seems that the world has turned its back on God saying they do not need Him.

Amos 8:8

"'Will not the land tremble for this, and all who live in it mourn? The whole land will rise like the Nile; it will be stirred up and then sink like the river of Egypt.'" NIV translation

Israel is now compared to the Nile which floods every year with the rainy season and rises as much as 25 feet. The Nile does not stay that high as the dry season comes and it falls back down. This is a reminder to them as well as us that God is the provider as He is the One that sends the rain that causes the Nile to rise. 

Amos 8:9

"'In that day,' declares the Sovereign Lord, 'I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight.'" NIV translation

On the day that Israel was sent into exile, there was to be a complete solar eclipse. Throughout the Bible, there is usually an eclipse when God deals with the sin of Israel. The same thing happened when Jesus was on the cross as He was paying for the sins of the Jew and the Gentile.